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Privacy Policy
Personal information protection policy

HAESUNG DS manages personal information with high importance and follows the related laws and regulations.

HAESUNG DS (hereinafter referred to as the "company") considers the personal information of our customer important, and the company follows the "Act on Information and Communications Network Use Promotion and Information Protection". The company notifies for what purpose and how the personal information provided by the customers is used and what kinds of measures are taken to protect the personal information through the personal when the personal information handling policy is revised. This policy is effective for March 1, 2014.

1. Personal information items to be collected  

The company collects the following personal information for the purpose of member subscription, consultation and service application.
- Collected items: name, company name, contact, e-mail, service user record, connection log, cookie and connection IP information.
- Method of personal information collection: home page (consultation bulletin board, gift event application)

2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information

The company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.
1) Member management: member identification, prevention of illegal use by black-listed members and unauthorized use, complaints processing, and notifications.
2) Use of marketing and advertisement: advertisement information including events and statistics on the connection frequency or service use of members.

3. Retention and use period of personal information 

hen the purpose of collection and use of personal information is fulfilled, it should be disposed of immediately by the company as a general rule. However, it shall be retained for a specified period of time for the following information due to the reasons mentioned below.
- Retention items: name, company name, contact, e-mail, .
- Reasons of retention: for the purpose of backup data for lawsuit or dispute.
- Retention period: 10 years

4. Procedure and method of disposal of personal information

When the purpose of collection and use of personal information is fulfilled, it should be disposed of immediately by the company as a general rule. The procedure and method of disposal are as follows:
- Disposal procedure
The information entered by the members for subscription or other purpose are moved to separate DB when the purpose is fulfilled (file box in case of paper documents), stored for a certain period of time (refer to the retention and use period) and disposed of. The personal information moved to DB shall not be used for any other purposes except the cases specified by law.
- Disposal method
The personal information stored in electronic file shall be removed with a technological method that prevents the recovery of deleted files.

5. Provision of personal information

The company shall not provide the personal information to third parties as a general rule.
However, there are exceptions for the following cases.
When users agree in advance, by the regulations in the related laws, or when there is a request by authorities in accordance with the procedure and method determined by the law for the purpose of investigation.

6. Entrustment of collection personal information  

The company shall not entrust the information of the customers to third parties without the consent of customers. If there is a need in the future, the company will notify the entrusted companies and type of entrusted works, and will get the consent of customers in advance if necessary.

7. Rights and method of execution of users and legal representatives

Users have the rights to inquire or modify the registered personal information anytime and they have the right to request un-subscription.
Users can click ‘personal information change (or‘member information modification’) for inquiry or modification of personal information or click ‘unsubscribe membership” to unsubscribe the membership (withdrawal of consent) to inquire, edit, or unsubscribe after the procedure of identify confirmation. Or users can contact the personal information control manager by mail, phone, or email, and the company shall take action without delay.

When user requests to correct the errors in the personal information, the company shall not use or provide the corresponding information until the modification is complete. And if wrong personal information has been sent to third parties already, the results of the correction processing shall be notified to the third parties without delay to make the corrections. The personal information unsubscribed or deleted by the request of users shall be processed according to the procedure specified by the “Retention and use period of personal information collected by the company” and they shall not be used or inquired for any other purpose.

8. Items of installation, operation, and rejection of automatic personal information collection 

The company uses ‘cookies’ to store and find your information any time. A cookie is a very small text file sent to your browser by the server used for operating the website of oo and it is stored in your computer hard disk. The company uses the cookie for the following purposes.

Purpose of using cookie
For target marketing and individually customized services through the analysis of connection frequency or visit time of members and non-members, grasping and tracking the track of favorite and interested areas of users and the statistics of the participation level of various events and frequency of visits.
 You have the choice to install the cookie. You can set the options of your browser to allow all cookies, to confirm each installation of cookie, or to refuse all cookies.

 - Procedure to refuse cookie setting
Example: You can set the browser options to refuse all cookie settings, to enable confirmation for individual cookie setting, or allow all cookie settings as a means of refusing cookie setting. Procedure (in case of internet explorer): Tools in the web browser menu > Internet option > personal information However, you may experience difficulty in getting the service if you refuse the cookie setting

9. Complaints about personal information 

The company assigned the following departments and personal information control manager to protect the personal information of the customers and to process the complaints related to personal information.

Customer service department: Management Innovation Group
Telephone: 82-2-070-4761-0000
email: HaesungDS@haesungds.net

You can report complaints related to personal information occurred while using the service of the company to the personal information control manager or customer service department. The company will provide sufficient answers promptly for the reported complaints.
 Contact the following organizations if you need to report or consultation on other personal information misuse issues.

1. Personal Dispute Adjustment Committee (www.1336.or.kr/1336)
2. Information Protection Mark Certification Committee (www.eprivacy.or.kr/02-580-0533~4)
3. Internet Crime Investigation Center, the Prosecutor General's Office (http://icic.sppo.go.kr/02-3480-3600)
4. Cyber Terror Center, the National Police Agency (www.ctrc.go.kr/02-392-0330)

Rejection of unauthorized e-mail collection

We reject any automatic collection of e-mail addresses on this website. Please note that anyone violating this can be punished in accordance with the information and communication network laws.

Crime Response Center http://www.spamcop.or.kr