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  • 2021 Achieves sales revenue US $ 600M.
    Awarded $400 million export award (President’s Award)
  • 2020 Achieves sales revenue US $ 400M.
    Started Chip on Board (COB) business.
  • 2018 Awarded $300 million export award. (President’s Award)
  • 2016 Listed in stock market. (KOSPI)
    Established Haesung Technology.
    (Panasonic joint venture)
  • 2015Developed the world’s first 34inch large-size Graphene.
    Manufactured the world’s first Routable QFN.
  • 2014Spun off from Samsung Techwin, Merged to Haesung Group.
  • 2010Expanded business area, Flip-Chip BGA Substrate, LED Lead Frame.
  • 2008Manufactured 2Layer BOC, Develops the world’s first ILP 100㎛ etching pattern technology.
  • 2005The world’s first Reel to Reel BOC Production line Export of μ-PPF™ technology patent.
  • 2004Achieves sales revenue US $ 300M.
  • 2001Export of μ-PPF ™ technology patent, Acquired QS-9000 certification.
  • 1998Achieves sales revenue US $ 200M
    The world’s first QFN development and mass-Production.
  • 1995Achieves sales revenue US $ 100M.
  • 1990Completed Etched Lead Frame (ELF) factory and started Production.
  • 1984Started Stamped Lead Frame business.
    (took over from Samsung Electronics)