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Lead Frame

Lead Frame is the basic component that delivers
electric signal to external circuits and supports
the chip inside of semiconductor
package mechanically.

Lead Frame


Mobile Device
Personal Computer
Consumer Electronics

Key Features

  • Provide highly reliable solutions for automotive, mobile, and CE
    • Strong lineup of *μ-PPF™ , nano-scale plating for effective heat & corrosion resistance
    • Differentiated rough morphology for better adhesion between plating & EMC
  • No gold PPF™ & Super wide strip (90x270, 100x300mm) for value innovation
  • Advanced fine pitch Dual Row QFN & Routable QFN for next generation Package
  • Fast & accurate automatic visual inspection

*μ-PPF™: Micro PPF : Thin Ni, Pd, Au, Alloy Pre Plated Frame

Product Line-up

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